Module I. Estonian language for beginners, part I

Module I. Estonian language for beginners, part I, level 0>A1
(4,5 ECTS)
July 15– 26, 2013


I. Let's get acquainted.
Overview of the Estonian language system. Pronouns, possessive pronouns. Conjugation of the verb in the Present Tense. Locative cases (in/at/on/from).

II. What is your favourite colour?
Your favourites. Grammatical cases (nominative, genitive, partitive). Singular, plural.

III. What is your lucky number?
Grammatical cases (nominative, genitive, partitive). Numerals. Constructions I have… / I do not have…

IV. In a cafe
Numbers + Singular Partitive. Singular Comitative and Singular Abessive – With what? Without what? Using of the Singular Allative in the construction Do you like? I like…

V. My family and relatives.
Simple Past (Imperfect).

VI. My day.
Using of ma-and da- infinitive. Adessive and inessive. When?

VII. My home.
Postpositions. Locative cases.

Study aids:
Heli Noor ja Katrin Jänese " Eesti keel algajatele"
additional study materials given by the teacher.

Cultural activities after classes: visiting two museums in Tartu, watching Estonian films in two evenings.